Dime System

Sports Web New Dime System
As of 2013 TheSportsWeb Dime System has changed we are now a % based system 1Dime being the lowsest and 100Dimer being the highest
THE Dime System is explained in detail on our website TheSports.Webs

OLD SYSTEM (most dime system use this method)

Since Money Management is my number 1 rule to follow in sports betting i use a dime system to control the amount wagered on a specific sporting event.

First you should create a bankroll lets say 1000$ now every better knows you should never wager more than 10% of your bank on a single event in this case 10% would be 100$ bucks so you shouldn't wager no more than that amount.  Now i use a dime system ranging from 1-160 dimes of actions 1 dime being the lowest you can wager and 160 being the highest amount (100%) of the money you are willing to risk.  Now i use a dime system to manage your bank roll for you.  OK so far, lets break it down 1 step further if you have 1000$ to wager on a event and i have a 160 Dimer, which is very rare, then you would wager all your 1000 dollars. Now if it was a 20 Dime play 125$ (1/8 of ur bank) would be wagered and so on and so on.  Got it Good my percentage break down is below

160 Dimes 100% of your Bank Roll       % calculated by 160 x % = Dime Total
128 Dimes 80%                                          ex                160 x .5 = 80 dimes
120 Dimes 75%
112 Dimes 70%
96 Dimes 60%
80 Dimes 50%
64 Dimes 40%
48 Dimes 30%
40 Dimes 25%
32 Dimes 20%
24 Dimes 15%
20 Dimes 12%
16 Dimes 10%
11 Dimes 7%
8 Dimes 5%
1 Dime 1%